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Dec. 7, 2022

20: Basics Of Detailing Your 4x4 With Josh From TOC Supplies

20: Basics Of Detailing Your 4x4 With Josh From TOC Supplies

Today we are talking about auto detailing with Josh from TOC Supplies , an Ontario based company that sells quality detailing products. Josh is a professional detailer and gave lots of tips and tricks in this interview.  Remember to use the 4x4 Canada code for a 10% discount.
Throughout the interview, he made several product suggestions.
The P&S Off Road Series
Cockpit Interior Cleaner
Full Send Total Dressing
All Purpose Quick Detailer
Mud Buster General Purpose Cleaner
Wide Open All Terrain Wash

Other Suggestions
Car Care Bug Out
P&S Terminator Spot Remover
P&S Carpet Bomber
P&S Finisher Treatment
P&S Tru View Glass Cleaner
P&S Brake Buster
P&S Express Interior Cleaner
P&S Leather Treatment
Car Pro Iron X
Car Pro Tar X & Bug Remover
Rag Company Ultra Clay Bar
Koch Chemie Clay Spray
Rag Pro Gauntlet Microfibre For Drying
Rag Company Dry Me A River For Glass
Rag Company Edgeless For Polish Removal & Interior
Proper Detailing Boars Hair Detailing Brushes

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